Fihalhohi Resort Maldives

Speedboat Fihalhohi Resort Maldives

Speedboat Fihalhohi Resort Maldives




The resorts’ Speedboat leaves from Jetty number 3 right outside of Police Headquarters and what an experience, skipping over the water at some speed, passing sandbanks and resort islands with their water-bungalows and pristine beaches.





Fihaalhohi Resort Maldives

Fihalhohi Resort Maldives


As we approach Fihalhohi the Island paradise reputation of the Maldives is confirmed, clear blue water, quiet beaches and palm trees fringing the powder sand beaches.

Met off our speedboat by resort management and taken to a separate area away from the other guests checking in, we were given a cool face towel and a fruity cocktail.

A porter will take your bags to your room and you will be shown how everything works.




Fihaalhohi Resort Maldives Water Bungalow

Fihalhohi Resort Maldives Water Bungal


Our room was number 148,  a water bungalow with decking and a ladder down into the sea. A desk, CD player, bath and shower separate toilet,  huge king-size bed, AC, tea and coffee facilities,  outside seating area with table and 4 chairs plus 2 sun-loungers.


We were straight in the sea, a bit deep for none confident swimmers, but just off the decking ladder was some coral with an abundance of fish, it was decided there and then we would hire a water proof camera the next day.



The resort is, as with all Maldivian islands, small and we decided to take a walk and see what was around, well apart from the usual beach, sea and palm trees there was a spa, a diving school and a booking area should you wish to visit desert islands, watch dolphins or book numerous other activities.


Fihaalhohi Resort Maldives

Fihalhohi Resort Maldives



Fihalhohi is a half board resort however we received a free upgrade to full board, so half way round the island off we went for lunch, we were met at the entrance to the open restaurant and were seated at the table were we would sit for the duration of our stay, food is  buffet style with a great selection, something for everyone. We chose a bottle of water to go with our lunch which we opted to take with us to finish in our water bungalow.




We did find that the water bungalows were the furthest rooms away from the restaurant but as this is another small island it was only a 15 minute walk.

At dinner we ordered a bottle of Rose’ wine which was passable, the rule with wine that you don’t finish is that the bottle will be left on your table until your next meal.

We then retired to the outside bar and had a couple of drinks 3 halves of beer for me and 2 vodkas and coke for Sarah while the entertainment was on, then walked back to our room.

As with all Maldivian islands and resorts you will have to share your meals with the local flies, this is to be expected with the heat and humidity.

Dolphins at Fihaalhohi Resort Maldives

Dolphins at Fihalhohi Resort Maldives



Next morning while making a cup of coffee in the bungalow Sarah came running in from outside needing me to go outside immediately; well there in front of the bungalow was a pod of dolphins swimming past, we watched them for over half an hour, what a sight it gave both of us the greatest feeling of freedom.





After breakfast we went to the water-sports activity center to hire a waterproof camera  but were told “sorry we do not have any, they are all broken”, well that’s that one out the window, so back to the room for some more snorkeling. As there was a small area of coral just off the deck I climbed in and swam to the coral and the fish that were there came right up to my mask, what an amazing experience.


We had a walk along the beach to the beach bar and had a great ice tea and an ice coffee and a good conversation with the barman who was not busy as the resort was quiet.


You will find that the cost of water ($5 USD for 1.5ltr), half beer ($4.5 USD), Vodka & Coke ($5.5 USD) is expensive compared to Male where 1.5 ltrs water costs 5 Rufiers (GBP 0.20p), 500ml bottle Coca Cola 7 Rufiers but there is the restriction that NO ALCOHOL IS AVAILABLE on Male or any residential island.

Ask at reception about internet and if you are nice to the receptionist they will give you WiFi access free (be arsey and you will get nothing free) treat the staff with respect and courtesy and you will receive the same, these people earn less in a month than you earn in a day!