Stay in K.Maafushi

K.Maffushi or Maffushi as it is also known is 1hour and 30minutes from Male so we chose to go by local ferry rather than Air-Taxi, sharing this journey with people visiting family and friends, building materials and various other supplies needed by the island.

This is a nice island is a great destination to use as a base to explore some of the more deserted islands the Maldives has to offer, you will still find the culture of just throwing rubbish away on the shoreline however this is mostly cleared up regularly.

Dhonveli View, K.Maafushi

Dhonveli View, K.Maafushi

We stayed at the Dhonveli View guest house which as the reviews all said it was basic, we were not expecting much, when we arrived off the ferry, we were met by the whole Maafushi police force and escorted to the guest house, it was there right in front of us, 100 meters from the ferry,  we were greeted in reception with a nice cold glass of Coke while the lady on reception took our passports and filled in all the details on our room cards, we were shown to our room the door led straight off the reception area, it was nice and cool – air conditioning, fan, lights and a king size bed wardrobe and dressing table, we also had an en-suite with hot shower; the window was behind the bed and the view was of … a wicker fence, well we weren’t going to be spending a lot of time in the room.


We decided to have a walk before dinner and we walked right around the island in less than 1 hour, this included dipping our feet in the warm sea and having our photographs taken by the very friendly local police who were following us as they had been told to look after us.


Arriving back at the guesthouse we decided to have dinner we were shown the menu and list of available activities, once we had chosen our meals and went upstairs to the seating / cafe area this was like our own exclusive restaurant there were only 2 tables up there with a view over the harbor, it turned out we were the only ones staying there!! 3 staff and only us 2 guests. I had opted for fish and chips while Sarah decided on the noodles with a fresh fruit salad and ice-cream to follow; this did take a while 30 minutes or there abouts, and you do get everything brought together, however I did end up with a fruit salad with ice-cream too as the waitress made 2 by mistake.


Day 2

We woke up after a great night’s sleep, apart from the fridge keeping our water cold, there wasn’t a noise, no traffic, no noise from the air conditioning, and not a sound from the reception area.


We ordered the complimentary breakfasts, English for Sarah and American for me well they both turned out the same apart from I received a bowl of corn flakes with a jug of hot milk (the corn flakes did have that soft texture to them as if they had been open for a while).


Beach at K.Maafushi, Maldives

Beach at K.Maafushi, Maldives


We then set off to find a nice place to have a swim and snorkel and wow what a choice, come out of the guesthouse, turn right, walk 250 maybe 300 meters and the beach started, we continued walking and found a great spot, the water was shallow all the way out to the coral reef,  the beach was clean and quiet,  after spending 3 or 4 hours there we decided to have a walk about the island, that didn’t happen, we both had to return to our room to apply after sun cream.



Rehendhi cafe K.Maafushi, Maldives

Rehendhi cafe K.Maafushi, Maldives


Once we had cooled down we went to have some dinner and opted for the Rehendhi cafe and went upstairs, the waiter greeted us and sat us down we chose the chicken and chips(rolled out chicken breast in breadcrumbs), 2 ice creams for sweet, a bottle of water , an ice tea and Nescafe milk, this all arrived as expected and cost 260 MVRs (£11 or  $17 approx.). This is a great spot to have meals as the view is over the sea, you can opt to sit downstairs, upstairs or even on the beach.



As the ferry returning to Male leaves at 7.30 am I asked what would happen about breakfast as they don’t start serving until 7am, I was informed that someone would be there from 6.30 to serve breakfast,  well guess what… there was, all the staff were there and we both had a continental breakfast consisting of 4 slices of toast, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, a bottle of water each and 1 tea and 1 coffee, yes we also had to fight with the flies but I think I ate the most.


We did have to query the bill as we were told the breakfasts were included however we had been charged for these this was corrected immediately by reception so the total bill for our 2 nights away was…

Ferry to Maafushi 60MVRs

Hotel with breakfasts 800MVRs

1 x dinner at guest house 345MVRs

1 x dinner at Rehendhi cafe 260MVRs

Ferry returning to Male 60MVRs

1525MVRs (£60 / $100USD aprox.)