Having been born and brought up in Leadgate, Consett I decided to put this website together to share photographs my Step-Father Bobby Howard collected over many years and some videos of the area.

You will see adverts on these pages and the reason for this is to raise funds for a charity my step-father held very dear to his heart, as you may know Bobby Howard spent quite a few weeks in Willowburn Hospice prior to his death in 2013 and wanted to create a lasting legacy that would continually give to the charity he held closest to his heart, (so this is where this website sprang from) I have also included the option of a donate button at the right hand side so you can donate to this organisation.

Clicking on these adverts will raise money for Willowburn, clicking on the donate button will raise funds for this organisation.

Sarah and myself have raised over £500 this year (2016) for this fantastic resource which is based in our area.

“You just don’t think you will ever need them…  but you just might” said my Dad, words that will echo with me forever.

If you wish to copy or repost any of the photos or videos here please make a donation if you can afford to… it will go to a great cause. Please don’t just take them, if you use them please credit this website by putting a link to it.

To view the video of these photos CLICK HERE




1907 Bradley White Star AFC










1920 – 1921 Leadgate Park AFC -NW Durham Charity Cup – Durham Senior Cup










1921 Leadgate Park Association Football Club – Winners of Durham Senior Cup 6th April 1921

1922 – 1923 Leadgate Council School AFC


1925 Leadgate St Ives


1932 – 1933 Leadgate C of E AFC










1947 – 1948 Leadgate C of E School Football Team





1950 – 1951 Leadgate C of E










1950 – 1951 Leadgate County AFC

1953 - 1954 Leadgate United

1953 – 1954 Leadgate United

1954 – 1955 Leadgate Aged Miners Cup

1955 – 1956 Leadgate United AFC at Consett Park



























Leadgate FC Date Unknown


1970 – 1971 Leadgate County












Leadgate Lion FC













1984 Leadgate County










1985 or 1986 Leadgate County










1987 Leadgate County










1988 Leadgate County










1989 Leadgate County